How to Communicate the ROI of Design

How Eventbrite approaches larger design investments

Use an ROI model to justify a new project

Align an initiative with new company goals

“Design Debt”

How Collective Health measures ongoing design impact

Track and own NPS and CSAT

Develop your company’s unique perception metrics

  1. “Collective Health helps me understand my health benefits.”
  2. “Collective Health makes it easy to manage my health.”
  3. “I trust Collective Health.”

Share ongoing impact

Final thoughts

  • To justify a new project, list all the benefits and find the quantifiable ones, such as human capital efficiencies. Work closely with marketing and finance to create ROI models that translate gains into dollars and cents.
  • Time design projects so they coincide with and directly support new changes in business strategy.
  • Let design own or co-own key metrics that are in line with fundamental company goals. Measure and share them on a regular schedule.
  • Communicate design impact with numbers and qualitative color, like customer quotes and videos.



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